Saga can now tell jokes, send emails, and ask you trivia questions in many categories.

Some of the things Saga can do, in the form of Q (query) and R (response)

Q: Call Fred Blogs
R: Makes the call

Q: Send a text to Peter Jones saying let’s meet for lunch
R: Sends the text and says “let’s meet for lunch sent to Peter Jones”

Q: Find me the nearest Thai Restaurant
R: Opens the yelp page for the nearest Thai Restaurant, with review and directions

Q: What is the weather like in Paris?
R: The temperature is 5 C, raining in Paris France

Q: What time is it in New York?
R: Sorry, I don’t have time to answer right now.  . .  Okay it is  9:37 PM *

Q: You are a b***h.
R: Your eloquent, educated language is beyond my understanding. Jerk. *

Q: Define ugly.
R: Alexander Boldizar. He even wrote a book about it. *

Q: What is my name?
A: Only an idiot doesn’t know his own name, Donald.

Q: Who is Steven Speilberg?
A: Opens a Wikipedia page if available, or does a web search.

Q: Tell me a joke.
A: Responds with a joke. If you have heard it before, touch the back button.

“*” means a number of different replies are possible.